The Luxury Adult Toys Collection
One Box,
7 Accessories,
Endless Pleasure!

Premium Collection Of
Adult Toys And Bondage Items.

Refined, Elegant And Sophisticated

The Revelation Adult Toy Box is designed with class and sophistication in mind.
Much like 50 Shades of Gray, our toys are made for adults who want to enhance their sexual experience in fun and unique ways.

Buy a Revelation box

The Must Have Pleasure Kit For Couple.
Much like 50 Shades of Gray!

One Box, 7 accessories

3 Sex Toys

Ben Wa Balls, Glass Dildo And The Butt Plug

4 Bondage Items

Satin Blinfold, Real Hand Cuffs, Suede Flogger and Nipple Clamps

New offer !

Now you can buy any item separately!

Each item is wrapped in satin

Bring it with you, anywhere, anytime…

Spice up your sex life!

3 different sex toys
to explore new possibilities

New ways to play with your partner…or when you’re alone.
Ben Wa balls for her pleasure, the beaded glass dildo to enhance, sensation and the butt plug for both women and men.

The glass Ben Wa balls

Girls, those one’s just for you !


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The glass dildo

Experience new sensations with our beaded glass dildo.


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The butt plug

Audacious and refined


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Bondage fantasies
for curious lovers

4 Bondage Items

The Revelation box allows you to experiment with blindfolding and tying up your partner.
Satin blinfold with long ties, real hand cuffs, suede flogger and nipple clamps that can be use as clit clamps…as you wish.
It will allow you to experiment the daring pleasure of tie-up-and-tease play.

We specified bondage but it’s more relevant to talk about BDSM. In fact, the Revelation adult toys box is more like a BDSM basic kit.

Want to learn more about bondage and BDSM ? Click here

The adjustable nipple clamps

Amazing little jewels


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The handcuffs

Real handcuffs


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The suede flogger

Raise the intensity !


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The satin blindfold

Trust your senses !


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Enhance Your Pleasure
With This Perfect Kit.

No Batteries Or Apps Needed.
Always Ready For Actions When You Need It!

Each item is wrapped in satin

According to the fantasy of the moment,
the item discreetly accompanies you.

The interior is wrapped in soft and rich black velvet, where the various objects of pleasure find their own place.
In addition, for more discretion, every object has its satin pouch, allowing you to bring with you separately from the box itself.

Elegant design

The discreet exterior is worthy of a precious jewelry box.
The lock protects you from curious.

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Revelation talk and reviews

Wow! We were very impressed upon receiving this in the mail. Discreet shipping and extremely well presented. We are really enjoying this kit! Really!!

– Lindsay and Cindy

Luxury and refined! I really enjoying this kit and I definitely recommended this to anyone.

– Brian

Just amazing ! If your looking for something different to try or to spice up your marriage. Revelation is the basic pleasure kit for couples who want to explore shared fantasies.

– Carla S.

Awesome gift for her…and for me ! This set is so luxurious and refined ! She was so surprised to unwrap her gift and we had a great night to try all the accessosies.

– Mike.